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Technical Due Diligence Reports

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)  when selling or purchasing property, provides the client with an analysis of building, fabric, services, compliance and performance issues  to assess the asset, it's suitability, price and matters all of which inform an acquisition model and support budget allocations within predefined reporting period; up to 20 years. The aim is to provide an understanding of the property's make-up, and report on and consider any inherent risks in purchasing the property.


At times a Vendor will provide a report to potential purchasers about the property for sale. This is called a Vendor Due Diligence. AssetWize will in these circumstances undertake a comprehensive review and report of the vendors advice, identifying deficiencies, further information required, review cost estimates and physically inspect all elements of the property.




Provides a valuable risk mitigation tool for vendors and buyers before material expenditure on transaction costs, supports  budget forecasts used for financial modelling during a transaction and to assists property & asset management practices through ownership.



Reports are generated through a combination of documentation review, site inspection and review and meetings  with owners and maintenance providers. Our reviews take into account the building fabric and structure, the building services engineering components, statutory building code compliance and the environmental  issues associated with the land and/or building  including previous land use and potential latent environmental conditions such as hazardous materials or obvious contamination. 




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