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Make Good Reviews

Upon lease expiry, a Tenant will be required to be consistent with their lease obligations to hand the tenanted premises back to the Landlord in a particular condition. This triggers the need to quantify the tenant’s obligations to repair, redecorate, reinstate and make good the tenanted space based on  lease end obligations.


The make good schedule supports a set of procedures that can assist the landlord and tenant  to return the premises to the required condition. It can, and is typically used as a negotiating tool for determining a financial settlement which can be made in-lieu of the tenant undertaking the physical make good works.




Our assessment involves a thorough review of all relevant lease documentation,  to verify the commercial intentions of both parties and the condition of the premises at lease commencement We undertake a detailed inspection of the subject premises to formulate a robust cost estimate of make good obligations.


In some instances, where further independent scrutiny is required, AssetWize will engage third party specialist consultants and a quantity surveyor to provide further independent analysis input into scope and cost considerations to further support the end of lease obligations negotiations.


AssetWize undertake assessments in line with the RICS professional standards and guidance when undertaking these make good reviews.




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